Competitive Program at Pointe of Grace Dance Company

Competitive Program at Pointe of Grace Dance Company

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Full-Time Competitive Program

For students wishing to pursue dance at a more intensive level, we offer competitive programs

that combine exciting performance opportunities with intensive dance training. Our competitive teams compete in various dance disciplines and range in age from 6yrs old to 18yrs old. Aspiring competitive dancers must have previous dance experience and pass an audition before being accepted on to the team. Our teams compete both locally and nationally/internationally each year. It is a very rewarding and positive experience to be a part of the competitive dance team.

General Competitive Team Information

The POG competitive team is mainly comprised of four levels: Pre-Junior, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Placement into these levels depends on age and ability and is at the discretion of the directors.

Each level has a predetermined program of classes that a student must take. These classes run on weekday evenings/Sat mornings. Choreography and rehearsal of competitive routines is done outside of class time on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays. The weekly choreography schedule is emailed to the team regularly.

A program will be determined on a case-by-case basis for students ONLY competing in one dance discipline (ex Step only, Hip Hop only).

The competitive team will attend 3-4 competitions in the spring (local & out of town).

Outside of regular classes there will be other mandatory events. This includes, but is not limited to, Summer Classes, Summer Intensive Week (3rd week of Aug), Ballet Exams and Conventions.

All competitive group routines will perform in both year-end recital shows.

Being a part of any competitive team means a commitment and dedication from both parents and students beyond that of the recreational level. It is understood that students will make competitive dance at POG their primary extracurricular activity.

A copy of the Full-Time Competitive Handbook will be ready and available at the desk during the evenings of auditions. This Handbook will outline general expectations of the programs as well as estimations of costs and commitments.

Please feel free to email us if you have questions about this program. Click here

PART TIME Competitive Program


Our Part-time competitive program will be the perfect stepping stone for many dancers who want to explore the world of competitive dance and challenge themselves even more in their dance training but without the commitment of the full-time program. 

Dancers in the part-time program will have a set number of classes depending on what disciplines they are interested in (maximum 5 classes- Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Step & Hip Hop). These classes will be scheduled on Friday evenings (Step & Hip Hop) and Sunday afternoons (Ballet, Jazz & Acro).


The routines they learn in these classes will be performed at local area competitions only (no out of town travel) as well as at recital, giving the dancers more performance opportunities over the year. Dancers interested in Part-time competitive must attend an audition. 

A copy of the Part-Time Competitive Handbook will be ready and available at the front desk.

This Handbook will outline the general expectations of the programs as well as estimations of costs and commitments. 

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